Friday, January 20, 2006

more hanky panky... in the comments Zinnia rightly set me the challenge that if I was going to use reusable hankies they would of course have to be organic cotton.

Of course.

So I load up Google UK. Type in organic cotton handkerchiefs. Google laughs at me and finds a report from Ethical Consumer magazine in 2002 saying that there weren't any UK suppliers of organic cotton hankies. I discover from this that Tempo tissues are owned by Proctor and Gamble. Bugger - I can't imagine I'll won't use tissues ever. It does suggest that reusable full stop is better than using tissues - I hope that's true.

And I did find one source of organic hankies - Organic-Ally which does a good range. But they're flannel. And even I'm repulsed by snot and flannel...

So I'll keep you posted.

Oh - and about those pillows I was talking about last year? Well we ordered the Greenfibres spelt pillows and - eventually - they came. The Doctor loves them. I quite like them but have a feather one on top. But then again, if I had more neck strength I'd be able to snuggle into them more and I might like them better. They are very supportive. If pushed to make a recommendation though, I'd probably say unless you like it very firm, sir, go for one spelt or similar and one feather or similar.
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