Friday, October 07, 2005

Pillow talk...

The Doctor - 'Missis - your pillow have had it. I can jiffle, fiffle, and quiffle, and still those pillows are as likely to fluff up as I am to win the Eurovision Song Contest, and this is not because I am not fine of voice, but because I feel the contest has become a summation of all that is bad about modern culture'

Me - 'Doctor dearest I would greatly love some new pillows, but I know not what to get - do I get feather pillows, thus supporting the meat trade, yet using a biodegradable filling, which may be locally sourced, which is apparently long lasting, or do I use a synthetic filling which will never biodegrade, but is produced without any explicit danger to animals?'

The Doctor - *snores loudly*

So which do I buy? I have been putting it off for ages - and have had my existing pillows for aaages and hey belonged to various family members before me. This isn't a whim decision and I want to buy something which will last. I have no allergies.

Please help me!
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