Friday, January 06, 2006

Done it!..

... I've always thought organ donation was a good way of living on after you die, or at least a good thing to do. I'd not signed up for various reasons - general anxiety about the process, and a fear that none of my bits, some of which are far from fully effective, would be any use. But I discovered that I don't need to ask my consultant - I can sign up now and then whichever bits are handy they'll take!



Yes - this is recycling of the highest order. And why not eh? We're all agreed that recycling is the way to go.

Not much very exciting going on this end - I went back to work today - gently and out did myself by getting myself locked off the network within minutes of arriving.... Finished 'The Kite Runner' which is amazing... still house hunting.....

Ahem. I intend to have powerful fascinating thoughts this weekend....
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