Sunday, August 28, 2005

For the person who has everything....

I hate all of the overly twee patronising twaddle that makes up the majority of medical programming on the television – the wonderful Ouch even made a list about it. However, I do sometimes make an exception for the BBC. I happened upon one of the BBC’s programmes on organ donation. It was actually really quite well done and also reminded me of some horrendous statistics – apparently only 38% of people are willing to donate! 38% of people! That’s hardly anyone.

I have to admit that this is one of those areas in which my views are even more muddled than usual. In principle, I think it’s a good thing. I veer in favour of an opt out system. However, when I learnt that my husband was in favour of both organ donation and potentially in favour of leaving his body to medical research it came as quite a shock.

I’ve agreed to organ donation, no matter what. The thought turns my stomach for all sorts of reasons, which I’m guessing are true for us all. I can’t bring myself to agree to the medical research – I realise that this is utterly illogical while I’m anti animal testing, or rather want to minimise animal testing. Of course people need to learn. But the thought of someone treating him with disrespect after his death is unbearable so I can’t agree to that. I don’t really see stem cell research as a bad thing yet I would refuse consent for either of our reproductive cells to be used.

However, I feel strongly that organ donation is the way to go. Or at least to think about and choose to avoid for strong reasons rather than just not getting round to it. Not everyone needs to donate everything, but if it at least is considered then perhaps enough people will come forward. And that would be a start.

Bossy aren’t I? Sorry……. I am going to practice what I preach – I always imagined that none of me would be any use, but I’m going to write to my consultant and ask him what he thinks. Bit icky, yes, but its got to be worth a try?

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