Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The things you young people say...

....when searching through my back catalogue yesterday I discovered that back in May 2004 I wrote "The day I blog on our wedding anniversary is a day too far".


Well I ran out of time yesterday, so technically I kept to my word, as yesterday was our two year anniversary. Go us! Being married is fantastic.

Still, yesterday on balance I'd rather have been blogging as I was actually in hospital having my sleep study. Turns out, still alive. It's good to have back up on that, frankly, as after a night on a plastic mattress in the noisiest hospital in the world its fairly hard to tell just by looking. I am grateful though for the care and attention and certainly at this particular hospital the staff are all uniformly amazing.

I'm also grateful, and this is for the medical geeks out there for capillary blood gas taking. No more arterial stabs, and I feel strangely proud of my O2 levels of 13.2. It hasn't been a high achieving week, really.

On a different note - can anyone tell me how to set my template so I have a dotted underline under my links? Thank you!
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