Wednesday, February 28, 2007

an inconvenient birth

The 'Killing Rooms' of China, the fate that I'm sure continues for girl babies born in poor areas in particular was, in my naive mind, linked to China specifically and their one child policy. Sure, it would happen occassionally in other poor cultures, but not in any big way...

... And how wrong diddly wrong was I. Turns out, in India so many female children are either aborted or given up that the ratio of men to women has shifted by nearly 10%. Which imagining the population of India, is a collososal amount. Of course, disabled boys are thrown out too. The quotes in the article are particularly disturbing too - the doctors appearing not to even question what is suggested. The fact that the practice is not limited to children born in terrible poverty suggests incredibly deep seated sexism which has terrible consequences for society, and of course women. And what's even more frightening is that it appears to be getting worse.

(Thanks Zinnia for reading the Guardian in the very early hours and alerting me.....)
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