Sunday, February 18, 2007

heathen leanings..... finally, last night, we watched Withnail and I. There had been much anticipation; we liked the idea of it, people whose views I trust liked it. And as it turned out, I'm not one of them.

It was engaging enough, and Richard E Grant is somehow always a joy (though afterwards, while The Doctor and I were discussing the film I could only remember him in was Jack and Sarah) but it wasn't funny. Is that a travesty? Am I a humourless hoor?

I then thought that perhaps it was wrong viewing it within the context of growing up with The Young Ones and similar and assumed that Withnail and I was prior to The Young Ones. But it wasn't.

So what was I missing? I've had bad DVD karma lately, I gave up on Rushmore, and found Election vaguely disappointing. Recommendations please!
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