Wednesday, February 21, 2007

feelings part 1

About twice a year I have a major clear out of my wardrobes, drawers etc. This doesn't necessarily mean a grand offloading, it can involve getting things mended and organised, but usually there is then a trip to the charity shop. I also occasionally make buying mistakes; these also make their way to the charity shop. I usually choose mental health charities, as sadly I'm aware (though can't find a link to the evidence at present) that they are less popular than for example cancer charities. I like giving to charity shops, it makes me feel good about myself, it means less rubbish, and it usually gets reused.

Now and again, people I know ask if they can have bits from the charity shop bag (items remain in the bag for a few weeks so I can be sure I'm not making a mistake) This makes me uncomfortable. I like to think of myself as a generous person, (which could mean anything) and I/we have given stuff away should that be the right thing at the time. But to just 'give' clothes for example, or things of a similar value to someone not in financial difficulties leaves me a bit uncomfortable. I don't know if this is because I feel like I'm distributing bounty, and being British that makes me feel a bit ick? I know its in part because I actually want the charity to benefit - past suggestions that in return for a top people chuck £2 in a charity box have gone down like the proverbial.

Or do I just need to get over myself?
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