Saturday, December 30, 2006

no surprises....

Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right, is one of the first things I remember being told as a child desperate for lego related vengeance (a small amount of toddler wee, as it happens, gets a long way through a box of lego) It seems like a sensible edict; doing bad things is wrong, therefore doing another bad thing in response to a bad things is also wrong. And therefore lies my anti death penalty pacifist views. The death of Saddam Hussein, seems pointless. I believe its wrong to take any human life. And even if you believed in such things; how can one life 'make up' for all the wrong that has been done by him or on his authority?

And pictures? Of a man with a noose around his neck? Everywhere online? So as a British society we are condoning the killing of a man, because he's killed people?

This is wrong, people. Why do we need to see pictures? Even if you believe killing him was the right thing to do.
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