Saturday, December 16, 2006

dozy is as dozy does... Blogger want me to switch to New Blogger. I'm sort of tempted, because it suggests bells, whistles and general good stuff. But of co-bloggers who have switched, I've had enormous difficulties signing in to comment as I have two google accounts, one as birdy.chirp and another at and the new commenting won't accept either. Nor, can I sign in as birdy.chirp if I have logged in. As I usually do. If there's no work around I suspect that this means I'll be moving in the New Year. And if you haven't had any comments from me lately - rest assured that your posts are all witty, thought provoking and erudite and that I'm just longing to comment on them. The most irritating thing about New Blogger is that I don't think that you can just stick with Old Blogger. Grrrrr.

Any advice?
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