Sunday, November 05, 2006

vegetarian stovies recipe

Excuse the rather dull title; as I had almost a full hand of root veg this evening - bar turnips and it was both dark and freezing here I decided that stovies were the way forward. Stovies are a traditional Scots way of using up odds and sods of meat and veggies. In my family, this is veggie - I come from a long line of veggies and near veggies. I googled; and there was not a single veggie recipe in sight.

So here's the definitive MacChirp stovies recipe. Get this in your search engine Google!

For four people (probably six if one of the four isn't Dr Chirp)

Six small medium potatoes, half a large swede*, four large carrots, one parsnip
Two onions roughly sliced
Some olive oil
Some rosemary, if the mood takes you.
1.5 mugs stock

Saute the onions in a goodly splash of olive oil til well done.
Add some rosemary, or something.
Add all the veggies, chopped into bite size pieces (unless you aren't in a hurry to eat it)
Toss, vigourously.
Add stock.
Turn down heat, cover tightly, ignore for about 45 mins.

Ta dah!

Oh and the burnt stuff on the bottom of the saucepan is a) yummy and b) comes off if you cover it thickly with salt and boil it. Sorry. The idea of stovies is that they are quite dry - the veg themselves are gloriously soft but there's no juice. If you are more canny than I then you probably stop it cooking a little sooner (40 mins?) and save the saucepan. I may try it in the oven next time to see if that saves my pots.

I served it with steaks for the carnivores and I intended to have some veggie sausages with it but didn't fancy any at the last minute. I imagine that putting in some veggie (or non veggie) bangers in at the start would also be splendid.

*swede in England is turnip in Scotland. And vice versa.
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