Monday, October 02, 2006


...a holiday is indeed a time for chilling out, kicking back and generally taking It in as easy as manner as possible. On reflection, also an opportunity for naughtiness.

Not that kind of naughtiness. Wrong kind of blog for THAT.

So naughtiness. I wasn't smug that we weren't flying, tho' I like the drive from Birdley to Scotland - 'tis beautiful. I like having my powered wheelchair with me too, which I can't if we fly. The car is newish, and cleanish. Self catering apparently is less resource hungry than hotel staying - though the resources of The Doctor in providing me with all my assistance in a self catering cottage is fairly substantial, together with looking after the cottage. At a tangent however, generally we don't have a choice about where to stay when we travel.

The real - potential - naughtiness was I guess in the bath and the tumble dryer. I do agree that baths (in general) use more water than showers (in general) I don't have a bath I can use at home; the bath there is used only rarely. I do wonder in my case whether I use less water showering than bathing; showering sitting down is a slow process and undoubtedly more water is used. I also think - and this may be the contentious bit - that really green living is about doing your best. Reducing as well as reusing and recycling and therefore if I feel like a bath on holiday I'll have one several. Cutting back on water use is important but to effect real environmental change surely governments will have to change their policy? Individuals actions can only go so far.

Oh and the tumble dryer? I'd always considered them Satan's white goods. However, having soft towels for the first time in 12 years has caused me to waver. I don't think we'll indulge - I suspect when the memories of soft towels and a kitchen not full of washing have faded we'll decide that the impact is not worth the benefit. And the rough towels? Well we have lovely soft skin.....
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