Monday, October 16, 2006

further mutterings....

Since my last post.....

I have discovered that Tesco have developed square watermelons.... Grrrrrrrr

American Apparel have been in touch to tell me more about their production processes - and they were very honest and open about their successes and their limitations. Currently they guarantee not to use sweatshops from the knitting of the yarn to the garments appearing in the shops and eventually to ensure the full chain is sweatshop free. So well done them.

So I've been pondering on clothes shopping - and found some online organic clothes shops. And another option might be ebay or other second hand shops (thanks felicity for reminding us about this!)

I originally planned to make a list of fair trade/organic right on clothes but then found one here.

Off shopping now - have already found more than I need so will keep you posted!
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