Saturday, October 21, 2006

feeling hot, hot, hot...

George Monbiot has a new(ish) site about climate change called 'turn up the heat' It makes chilling - and interesting - reading and I agree with all of it, apart from possible that Coldplay are inoffensive. I think they're pretty annoying actually, even before I got a black eye which meant that The Doctor followed me around singing 'yellow' to me for weeks...

One interesting aspect of it is that it points out how some of the so called 'green' actions taken by some are in fact anything but - which I'm sure many suspect, but its nice to know why! He also acknowledges;

"Let me begin by admitting that almost every environmentalist I know - and I include myself - is a hypocrite. We all want people to live by codes rather stricter than those we apply to ourselves, which is why real action on climate change isn’t possible without intervention by the government."

Which is a very fair point.
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