Friday, October 13, 2006

cheap as chips?

Time is short chez Chirp, but one issue on which I ponder is whether or not cheap is really a good thing. I have wavered about posting this - it sounds terribly smug and is not intended to at all - price is a factor for us in choosing the 'right' purchase to make.

I was sent this article from the Scotsman in which Tesco, my absolute favourite multinational has again done wrong. I know that the issues with child labour are perhaps not as clear cut as some would say, but still - I'm guessing these are children working after school, or for pocket money.

So how much should clothes cost? I'm not sure that more expensive means less child labour. Charity shop/second hand is one solution (that I contribute to, but don't really patronise, as I'm not really able to rummage any more) and American Apparel make all their clothes in Los Angeles so comply with US workplace regulations (not sure where the fabric comes from though) There are various fair trade/organic clothing companies, providing you are a relatively wealthy and relatively slender....

Answers on a postcard in the comments box please.....

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