Sunday, August 20, 2006

disappointment raining down... Long Term Kiwi PA is leaving us. To live with a boy, no less. So we went out today, to mark the occassion. Bit of culture, we thought, followed by a spot of lunch in a pub.

(Its 2.15 here. You can guess this doesn't end well.)

The culture goes well. The culture is fully accessible. We get bored of culture about 1.15. We are peckish. This is bad, I get petulant when peckish. Unusually - rather than planning everything to the nth degree I decide to be spontaneous about our choice of pub. I think to myself - between home and culture there are many villages, and many pubs. One of them must have wheelchair access and a traditional yet veggie menu?

Apparently not, as we are now at home and The Doctor is making a full English (with veggie sausages - mmm) I am Not Amused.

The DDA is making a difference and access is improving, but whenever I get complacent, whenever I decide not to worry about it, I get stuck somewhere. And usually it makes me angry; but today it made me sad.
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