Sunday, July 23, 2006

the voice of the elderly....

The Doctor: Birdy - where are the bits for your manual wheelchair?
The Bird: No idea.
TD: Ah go on, you do really (walks away, does enormous double take)
TD: Really? Where is it?
TB: Erm....

We found it, which was a relief as my powered wheelchair doesn't go into my mum's house. Twas the only thing that we almost lost in the move, so I guess that's a good thing. TD has spent every waking hour lately either going to IKEA or putting together flat pack furniture so we are Reclaiming the Box Rooms.

Yesterday was my birthday and I now have 500 new pets. I am very excited about them - the main hurdle will be keeping them alive in the heat...... I think that this will be a great way of dealing with kitchen waste (and apparently the contents of the vacuum cleaner) without it having to be carted off anywhere. Plus when you take the lid off they stick their little heads up to see you! How cute is that?
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