Saturday, July 15, 2006


..look I'm not on a diet, OK? I'm just on a health kick, having had six months of 'I need that latte/chocolate cake/panini' starting to show around the midsection.

So I'm showing rare self restraint. Its going well, and I'm off to another location to train. A location famed for its biscuits. I worry. Health Kick HQ has suggestions - take a banana, they say. Birdseed, suggests another.

I go to the location; no biscuits. I do the session - its fine, I'm hydrated, my will power is set on maximum. The tea break comes.

Tiffin. AKA chocolate refrigerator cake.

I give up. Will power flies in the face of reasonableness that I Really Like It.

So I get my PA to fetch some. Its in front of me, the saliva is pooling, and I care not that it doesn't look quite right.

Malt loaf.

Its clearly been a while since I had any chocolate.....
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