Thursday, June 15, 2006

how far would you go....

...yclepta wrote a great post recently about the positive choice of compromise - about how sometimes its about seeing the bigger picture. In her story - I think she was absolutely right.

I've worried a lot about not going far enough to do the right thing by the planet and its people. I still wonder if I only do as much as I easily can rather than as much as I should. I think for me I do have a point when its just too much. This story in the Guardian about what one family had to go through for a green funeral would be too much for me. Phoning in advance to say a plot would be needed? No idea where the body is? No way I'd put up with that.

I don't think it has to be easy to be worth doing, exactly, and I realise that many of the actions we take in the west are far from humane for those in other parts of the world. But there has to be some care involved, for a service to be truly ethical?
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