Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Clare's book title meme

OK Clare - have grasped the mettle.....

1. Briefly describe an aspect of your life for which 'The Dying Of Delight' would be an apt title.

I loved the title of this book as it could have been either a moment in which all happiness leaves you, or a moment in which you were so happy you thought you would die with joy. I suspect its meant to be the former. I'm naturally an optimist though - and in most of my more difficult times I have kept hold of something. Hope I guess.

I'm going to go for joy, actually as I'm not sure I know any of you well enough for the sadness thing. Buy me a pint sometime if you want to know. Or a large mocha, no cream.

Happiness - well my wedding I'm afraid. Predictable I know but it was a great day - obviously because I committed myself publicly to my Doctor. But also because all our friends and family were in the same room all at the same time. Now that is a great feeling.

2. Pick another book whose title has some resonance in your life, and write a little about it.

Golly - so many. The Hours by Michael Cunningham moved me, so did Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides and I loved The Corrections by Jonathan Frantzen and Everything is Illuminated by Jonathan Safran Foer.

Blimey. Turns out I like contemporary male US authors. I had no idea.

My absolute favourite author is Carol Sheilds. 'Unless', her final novel really moved me as it was about how one instance can change the path of your life without you expecting it. My life is good; but as a disabled person the expectations placed on you are not the same as your peers, and most achievements are found through alternative, sometimes harder routes. I can see though there are points in my life where one opportunity has put its head up and I've been able to move forward in a positive way.

3. Write one more short personal piece - one which matches the book title chosen (in part 2) by the person who tagged you.

So Clare picked What Women Want Men to Know

I haven't read this - tho' in my younger and single days I did read a couple of the John Gray books and did actually find it quite useful. I don't think its all true, or anything of the sort, but, y'know, I went to an all girls school, only have sisters, and when all my peers were beginning to start dating my life was VERY complicated and it wasn't high on my list of priorities.

My husbands fab, and if I wanted him to know something I'd simply tell him. I have not had good experiences with men as colleagues. This is not an all men are a nightmare to work with, this is me personally hasn't had good experiences so far with men as colleagues. So I'd probably tell them that competitive behaviour is wearing and boring in large amounts.

4. Take your favourite little-known book and plug it to your readers. Authors need incomes, and word of mouth is one of the best ways to sell books.

Ahem. The best independent book I've read in ages is The Dying of Delight... prior to that I seem to remember The Reader by Bernard Schlink was a novel of that kind, although that isn't how its portrayed on Amazon. Still it is an amazing book which gathers up your insides and swings them around its head until everything you know seems back to front.

In a good way.

5. Sit back and marvel at the magnificence of this meme. It was brought to you by an out-of-breath author, reduced (on account of her publisher* having expired) to trundling copies of her book across the internet on a rusty old trolley with one wheel missing, sweating and shouting "Buy me book, Gov?" Now visit and see if you'd like a copy for yourself.

Bought it, read it, recommended it....

6. Tag five people with this meme.

Not sure who's been tagged, so not sure who to tag. Deirdre and Rhea do always have great things to say though. Let me know if you do it though!

*Diva Books, ceased trading Feb '06. RIP.
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