Tuesday, April 11, 2006

passing it along...

I've certainly mentioned in passing before that the word chav really frustrates me. It frustrates me because it purports to be about people who dress or act a certain way, but in fact is a way of dismissing poor people and laughing at the life situations some find themselves in.

Its been something I've wanted to blog about for some time. It seems to me that perhaps society has realised that its not acceptable to laugh at black people, or disabled people, or women in a discriminatory way but rather than just develop more sophisticated humour, or to laugh at themselves a new weakest group is identified for ridicule.

I don't know much about class; I understand the basic principles behind it and it makes me uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because it seems that its about wealthy people exploiting poorer people. Guess what? Just like everything else.

And as I try to formulate a blog post some bloke in the Guardian gets there first. I like this piece a lot - it goes to show that its further reaching than I thought.
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