Tuesday, April 18, 2006

and three days later...

...I read it! And it was fab. Its a beautiful book, happy, sad, challenging, entertaining and GRIPPING.

Here's my post on Clare's website;

"I am writing this before reading anyone elses feedback - I ABSOLUTELY loved the book. I thought it was paced wonderfully, had a nice balance between the twist and not skimping on story as it went along. I loved all the characterisation as well, although I didn't love all the characters.

If I'm brutally honest, I wouldn't have bought this book if I'd seen it on the bookshelf as having had a dull RC childhood I wouldn't have felt I could relate to it at all. I read it as Clare is a friend of a friend. And I loved it MORE because it was so different to my experiences and I was still captivated by it.

Can't wait for book 2 Clare!"

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