Wednesday, February 08, 2006

...death defining moments...

...thank you for all your comments and emails about my death posts - of which this is the last. For now. I do do requests, you know.

My original view was that from the reading I had done, society perceived it understandable to want to die in the face of serious disability. Perhaps more so in the case of those ultimately terminal. However, in the case of mental distress, society feels such people should be saved. This suggested to me that perhaps some believe that physical disability is that most likely to make life not worth living. Having read all your comments etc I can almost get on board with an idea that a persons life is their own and that it should be safe for them to take it - as some have suggested. The issue which stops me getting fully behind this is that due to lack of practical resources - home care and so on, let alone good palliative care - means that it doesn't seem to me to be a real choice. Once that's in place, THEN lets talk about changing the law....

And on a similar theme - this article in Disability Now, about parents who, due to extreme circumstances, kill their disabled children. Its an interesting article - my views keep on and on changing from thinking that in parts it is a little harsh, to thinking its spot on.

What do YOU think?
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