Sunday, January 15, 2006

you write like a girl, you do

..the wonderful Deirdre has written a post about the Gender Genie thinking she's a man. I hadn't come across the Gender Genie before -

(The Doctor has just snored so loudly he woke himself up. Bless)

- and duly went to the site and popped in a sample of my writing. Bloke! it proclaimed. Bloke! it proclaimed again.

At the bottom of your results it gives you the opportunity to indicate whether its right or not, and its right in nearly 60% of cases. Hardly at all in fact. Just over 50%....

Its an interesting one as I tend to agree that men and women are different, and from an unscientific approach I do find that books written by male authors have a certain style, as to those by female authors. Perhaps a logorithm isn't the best means of determining it. Its the sort of thing I'd normally try but dismiss as a little internet trick, but the website appears to be endorsed by the journal Nature, a grande fromage of science publishing.

So I'm not sure what this says about gender, or writing, or scientific journals, but I do know I'm a woman. And at the more feminine end of the spectrum!
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