Wednesday, January 04, 2006

inverse snobbery? and again cable TV really pays off, even though our provider is dreadful, in all senses. On Monday night, we watched 'Supersize me' for, in my case, the second time. Its better on the telly - the McVomit filling a standard size tv screen is less grim than the aforementioned puke on the cinema.

I hate McDonalds. I didn't need the film to show me that - although it was nice to be vindicated. At the close of the film I felt comfortably smug that I'd not been to McDonalds for many years. My thoughts wandered, and I began to ponder about my plans for the following day - which was due to involve a trip to Starbucks.

Bugger. Is Starbucks just McDonalds for people who don't go to McDonalds? In my case, latte loving panini eaters?

I think not, actually. While McD's are extending their menus allegedly making them healthier Starbucks do at least have an option for fair trade coffee. Its not good enough, but its a start (and keep going with the Starbucks Challenge) I understand from a friend working in corporate and social responsibility that they are doing quite a bit - this is what they say, and The Guardian also thinks they are trying harder.

That's not to say that they aren't horribly over priced, or there aren't excessive numbers of them in towns.

I definintely believe that in terms of ethics, the best eateries are those which are reasonably local, reasonably independent and use ethical/fair trade products. There are one or two of those in Birdyville.

Neither of which have wheelchair access.
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