Tuesday, January 17, 2006

hanky panky...

... Being a proper little girl, I was brought up hanky carrying. I kept it up til I got to university, officially left home and therefore couldn't borrow my dads hankies if I had a cold.

No, no idea why I didn't just buy some mens handkerchiefs.

I have totally got out of the habit of using them now. I have tissues - and sometimes they are easier - for example spilt food at work. I also keep a tissue tucked up my sleeve if its not well used - much to most peoples horror.

It is of course possible to get tissues made of recycled paper - an improvement on the whiter than white kind. And I can't possibly imagine never using tissues again. But I may have to make an investment in a few for every day use - I know there is the environmental cost in making them, but they are reuseable and can just be popped in the machine when its running anyway.

So I'm entering the world of the unhygienic. Hoorah!
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