Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Disability debate....

.... the Disability Rights Commission, which supports the enforcement of the Disability Discrimination Act in the UK has created this rather interesting little site called the Disability Debate.

Disabled people have historically had little input into the processes of government - even voting so it can be hard to be clear about exactly what the views are of real disabled people, there's the views of those who run services - often non disabled and operation from a rather 'done to' rather than 'done with', or from fairly politicised academics. That's not to say that academic views have no value, but sometimes they can be a bit remote I guess from others experiences?

Anyway, there are various discussion papers on the Disability Debate site - all of which move on from the standard 'isn't it annoying not being able to get into buildings in your wheelchair' issue. And it is annoying, but it isn't always the most annoying thing.
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