Thursday, December 08, 2005

How far would you go for really good food?

... the wonderful Zinnia pointed me in the direction of this article about food miles. I think that for me food miles is now the biggest issue. In my teens I was a hardened vegetarian, as an adult I've wavered, on infrequent occassions eating the odd bit of locally produced organic meat, and frequent fish consumption. While reading around the 'Making Poverty History' campaign and associated issues I've become increasingly aerated about food miles and to me more importantly the issue of people who are poor and likely hungry farming food to be sent all the way to us and going hungry themselves.

I'm openly not understanding of economics - perhaps I'll get it when I eventually grow up. But it certainly doesn't 'make sense to me. I can't help thinking that eating local foods is better for us and for the environment. One of the reasons I'm not too concerned about my occassional (once every two months, maximum) forays into non veggieness is that I not only worry about the food miles of things like kidney beans, or chick peas but also the ways in which they are farmed and harvested. Is it better to eat a local chicken bred and despatched by a farmer or chickpeas from a country where I fear the employment conditions are not what I want to support? If we should be mostly eating local food then how local? I favour a Europe good, everywhere else too many air miles strategy, but I may just be trying to salve my conscience.

This may make me a bit of a dippy hippy. A label I am proud to assume!
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