Sunday, December 04, 2005

doctor doctor...

...this article in the Guardian, about the consequences of African doctors moving to the UK caught my eye - it seemed to present a really rounded account of the issues.

I can understand the urge to work overseas, whoever you are (the issues are different for different people, but that's not really the point of this post) and generally think the world should be organised so people can move around freely. By which I mean wealth and resources should be more evenly distributed. I would never want to stop African - or any other doctors from working in different parts of the world. But the cost - of leaving these communities without the doctors they need seems overly high. I am not suggesting stopping people coming over - but I do wonder what the answer is - and how we can change things.

Its said - and of course I can't find a link to support this - that fewer people born in the UK are training to be doctors and nurses which seems sad - a sign of a more selfish society perhaps?
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