Friday, November 25, 2005

The only other joke I ever remember.. I'm sure I once did another post in which I mentioned the only joke I ever remember, and how it is a multimedia joke (ie doesn't work online). I can't find the post at present. Can it be that Google has failed me?

Anyway, I remembered another joke. Hoorah!

The scene - an idyllic countryside boating lake, with a few rowing boats bobbing about. Boat rental happens from a hut on the side of the lake staffed by two blokes. Boats are rented for 30 minutes at a time, before being recalled by the blokes.

Bloke 1: Come in number 9. Number 9, your time is up...

Bloke 2: (energetically elbows Bloke 1 in the ribs) Mate! We only have 8 boats!

Bloke 1: (much louder) Number 6 - are you in trouble?
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