Sunday, November 13, 2005

doing the do for you?

... as a regular Big Issue reader, the ads for exciting opportunities to go on holidays of a lifetime in order to benefit the poor old disableds grate more than usual against the egalitarian rights themed editorial. Recently, while at an event for people with my impairment I saw the distress on a friends face as the fundraiser blundered forcefully on about the fun she and other volunteers had had walking the Great Wall of China.

The Doctor objects strongly to such a carry on, as do I. It may be that we are both incredibly cycnical but surely this was just an excuse for a jolly? Does a few basically well meaning people taking the trip of a lifetime in order to benefit us unfortunates really make any difference?

It seems to me that making a tiny increase in tax, perhaps ensuring that everyone pays their tax might make a large difference to the public pot. I'm not sure I believe that everyones returns should be published as Monbiot does, but I'm quite keen on the idea of a maximum wage. To me, the idea of sending someone on a low price jolly in order to generate a relatively small income, compared to say putting an extra pound to a charity each month over their lifetime seems a bit unequal. Particularly as the exciting event is almost always something that the recipients of the charity are far from able to do, for economic, practical or legislative reasons.

Its partly that I am somewhat uncomfortable about charities. I waiver on this. I'm a member of a range of charities - mainly the campaigning sort - and I think that a part campaigning part service delivery role can be helpful. I guess I think that charities don't have to be patronising. Which is something that some of them are yet to learn.
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