Thursday, October 06, 2005


Time is marching on with the house hunt (although we saw a possible today - cross everything please reader) and each day my urge to run repeatedly at a wall while listening to Status Quo as a means of finding one thing less frustrating that house hunting as a wheelchair user is reducing.

Even when I found details of a new bungalow, especially designed, apparently with wheelchair access in mind, with three steps at the front door. There was a ramp at the back, a beautiful one.

But three steps at the front.

I'm not normally a big fan of charities, as only too often they exist to promote their own gains rather than those of any supposed beneficiaries, but John Grooms seems a bit better than this - although they do run residential homes, which makes me rather uncomfortable - with some very accessible holiday opportunities, for example. They are also pushing their 'Lucky Dip' campaign - to try to increase the basic level of accessibility of houses. They talk about the problems of poor housing - lack of mobility, reduced job prospects, poor health. Not news, really, but its a well presented website. We're looking, as I think I've said, at a newer area where there are many houses built involving Part M building regulations for accessibility and we'll still have to make major changes.
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