Sunday, October 02, 2005

Getting your write on...

..Travelling Punk has issued a challenge - to try to get a new magazine for women - well anyone I guess - who is offended/irritated/perturbed by the current crop of shite available on the shelves of newsagents.

I have to admit I quite enjoy the odd glossy mag, always taken to the doctors surgery after being read. I guess I am something of a magpie, and pretty sparkly things do attract me. I don't think they are the most important thing in life, or even important at all, actually. However - I do feel a pang for a now defunct alternative called 'everywoman' which passed on to the great recycler in the sky - ooh ages ago now.

I don't think its anti feminist to love clothes and jewelry and so on. I don't even think its anti feminist to try to look nice. I do think its anti women to assume, as you would if you read women's magazines, that all they are interested in is fashion and gossip.

Among many other crimes, glossy mags are only bubble gum for the brain. And they are all exactly the same. So it is time for something else - and lets hope that Travelling Punk can create a real alternative!
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