Saturday, October 22, 2005

Fly Like An Eagle

So, Birdy will be back from her well-deserved holiday soon, and this is my last post here on Doing The Right Thing. I could do with a holiday myself, but alas that will have to wait for a while.

Talking of holidays, I shouldn’t really have gone to Klezmer at all. Because, you see, I went on an aeroplane. And aeroplanes are Bad. Air polluting, noise polluting, altogether environmentally unsound. But you see I got free flights. How, you ask? Well, it was the airmiles from my Tesco Clubcard.

Oh no! I’m going to be run out of Ethics, hung, drawn and quartered!

Let’s leave Tesco out of this for now (it’s the only supermarket within walking distance – although I quite often drive there… oh no, this is getting worse, let’s quit while I’m behind). I love to travel, to explore my world. Especially Europe but also further afield. I’m going to Germany in November, to visit dear friends who I don’t often get the chance to see; they are both international academics and to find them in Europe together with time for socialising is a rarity. Then I’m going to Ireland in January, to see my niece who is at university there. I’ve never visited either country and I’m excited about both trips. But it’s the cheap flights that have made these excursions possible. And of course cheap flights are Bad and Unethical.

I almost decided to make 2006 a non-flying year (after the January trip of course). Then my oldest friend, who lives in Canada, rang me to say that she and her partner want to get married in July, and would like me to do the ceremony. That was a no-brainer. And I won’t be rowing across the Atlantic, either. I’d only hit an iceberg.

So what’s an Ethics Girl to do? Should I give up flying (after summer 2006 of course)? Keep it to a minimum? If so, what’s a minimum? Have alternate non-flying years? Or does anyone have any other ideas?
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