Tuesday, October 25, 2005

20 things....

...so I've been tagged by yclepta and challenged to produce 20 random facts about me!

Well obviously I like to talk about me - hence the blog - so I'm not sure if I can dredge up 20 new ones....

But I'll give it my best shot

  1. I hate reproduction furniture
  2. I met my husband on the internet.
  3. My granny was utterly convinced we were related to Robert Burns
  4. Its fairly unlikely!
  5. Both my parents were scientists. I'm not. I married one though.
  6. I was a replacement for a hamster
  7. I no longer have a favourite colour. I always used to hate orange, but its growing on me.
  8. When I grow up I want to be a writer, I think
  9. I love being tagged for these things!
  10. I can't bear painful humour - which rules out most Eddie Murphy and Jim Carrey films
  11. I am an absolute Blackadder bore. I can quote it for hours.
  12. I do it less these days though
  13. My spiritual beliefs don't really fit into any single path. I do have some belief in some higher power though.
  14. Sometimes that suits me, sometimes I think that I am showing poor moral courage by not picking a path and sticking with it.
  15. My favourite thing in the world is laughing, being made to laugh, making others laugh
  16. It seems that beating myself up is an other popular choice. I'm trying to give that up.
  17. I love re reading books and watching films over again. I suspect that makes me weird.
  18. High Fidelity by Nick Hornby is one of my favourite books. I like the lists. Lists are good...
  19. My sisters are twins. They had chicken pox between them - one got poorly, one got spots
  20. Clearly I'm not as interesting as yclepta thinks I am. Sorry.
Tradition suggests I should now tag five people - hmmmm - now Zinnia's always interesting (although I think she's done me enough favours lately) - perhaps Starbuck, Rhea, Doris, Daisy and Claypot please!

Oh go on......
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