Monday, September 19, 2005

Holiday, it was indeed so fine..

As usual, on holiday The Doctor had birds eating out of his hands.

He wants a dovecote now. In the new house. Well the garden, anyway. How am I going to get out of this one?

Anyway, the hols were fab. We went to Cornwall. It was FAR. I debated telling you, in case it gave away the precise location of Birdyville but on reflection, Cornwall is ALWAYS far.

Weather was good, mostly, had two sunny days (one of which was at the lovely Lost Gardens of Heligan - I was rather too fascinated with the pineapple pit, a pooh fuelled hothouse. Eden project also fab - very accessible and probably my favourite of the whole trip. Unlike the two leisurely drives around roadworks in the south of the UK. Those I could live without.

In other great news, The Doctor is now 32 which means he can no longer claim to be a year younger than me. We went to St Petroc's bistro, which was utterly fab. I have been spoilt for all other pavlovas. I'm not sure that I even liked pavlova before going there.
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