Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Ecowarriors go into battle against 4x4s - with cycle pumps

... now this really tickled me! I've been meaning to post something serious about the merits of direct action for a while, and this article got me thinking. And giggling. Sorry.

The Doctor is of the belief that only direct action changes things - I'm of the belief that its best to work with the system and change from within. Actually that sounds more clear cut than we actually feel.

Actually, this sort of direct action frustrates me as I'm not sure what it really achieves. I really hate 4x4's, actually, unless you live on a farm or somewhere remote and it actually gets muddy more than twice a week. They take up too much space, too much fuel, and you are much more likely to get killed if you are hit by one. Its the last one which really gets my goat, what with me having that bizarro regard for human life.

So I guess that while these acts aren't really creating any changes, they are ensuring that the issues are in the spotlight. Which is a Good Thing. I can't imagine what it would take to stop people driving around in their gas guzzling murdering behemoths, but there's a need to chisel away at the idea that what we do doesn't affect anyone, and that its acceptable to make and manufacture items that are so destructive.

So I guess I've talked myself round on that one. I kind of knew I would, really as I boycott, write letters and generally challenge people I guess I can't say I'm anti direct action. There is a balance to be had though, I'm sure.

So people, what do you think? About 4x4's, direct action, or anything really?
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