Friday, August 19, 2005

A shaggy dog tale... it is not often in this humble blog that I seek to advise, and rarer still that I tell you, my reader, what to do, but I feel I must now inform you of great tidings.

I have seen proof that acupuncture works. Unmistakeable proof. I had seen proof before, but her owner moved to Liverpool and so I don't get to see proof so often.

And by proof, I mean spaniel. Springer spaniel, gender female, name Billie. Billie is nearly 12 now and has dreadful arthritis in her back and hips, which her owners are clear is only a situation they and she can live with while her pain is managed. Pain medication means she Feels No Pain. This means bouncing around like a five year old child after a snifter of Sunny Delight.

The vet recommended acupuncture, and Billie's owners being open to such capers thought they'd give it a go. Twas like a miracle, an overnight revolution. She could move, jump, scamper, and importantly eat used tissues to her hearts content.

And how pray, is this proof?

Simply this, this is not a bright dog. This is a cute dog, an entertaining dog, but not a bright dog. This dog occassionally forgets her tail is attached to her. There is no way that there is any mind over matter going on here. For now, the acupuncture is doing a great job.
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