Monday, August 29, 2005

The scent of a woman.... The Doctor came back from Reading today and I thought I'd treat him to some glammed up Birdy. Legs were shaved, toenails were painted and I got a sample of a hair moisturiser thingy from Lush to try out.

I may not need to remind you that I am originally from Scotland. My hair is big and mad and wiry, designed to protect me from malingering haggis and the constant drizzle. It is almost midgie proof. So to look sultry and glamorous extreme measures are required.

So I opened the pot of the hair moisturiser and nearly keeled over from the smell. I reminded myself that glamour comes at a price, and plastered it on. Opening several windows, and breathing mainly through my mouth, I sat their reading my book for the required fifteen minutes. I then piled into the shower and rinsed it off.

And sniffed.

And rinsed some more.

And sniffed some more.

And remembered that while glamour came at a price, this had been a free sample.

So, The Doctor came back to find me with beautifully soft manageable hair, which smelt ever so slightly of manure. Not exactly the effect I was going for...

Still I smelt better than he did. Gotta love festival washing facilities!
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