Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our little spikey friends... Slightly Scary Eastern European PA had gone to the shop for bread and chocolate. I was pottering about the house, blogging quietly to myself, while I saw her walking up Aviary Avenue towards me. Carrying TWO bags.

Result I thought, Muchos, muchos chocolate. She opened the door and said hello. And then said that she had brought something back for The Doctor. Chocolate I thought, or perhaps a random copy of Insane Cycling Routes, a popular journal with a large readership among scientists.

But no, as she put the carrier bag on the floor it appeared it was a hedgehog.


The poor little bugger had been in the middle of the road and so Slightly Scary had brought him home for some TLC. As he sat there in the carrier it turned out that I actually couldn't think of a better gift for my husband....

Anyway he was fine, I gave him some milk and he got on the go again. The hedgehog was fine too.


And while we're on the subject, I can't remmeber if I've blogged before that we have had a large number of Afrikaans speaking assistants - one of which would have definitely been known as Startlingly Good Afrikaans Speaking PA. Anyway, I picked up a few words here and there, which The Doctor thought was very entertaining.

So in the habit as we were of pointing at things and learning the Afrikaans word, when a hedgehog strolled into view, Startlingly Good pointed at it and said;

'Krimp varkie' (the spelling probably isn't right)

I said 'Krimp varkie'

The Doctor said 'Crimp Fucker'

So that's what we call hedgehogs, round here....
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