Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Stuff and nonsense... in a good mood - the wireless network is working for me so I can croon tunelessly along to Ben Folds, and as I was held up getting home from work I got home to find The Doctor knee deep in salmon hot pot preparations. We have a really equal relationship and The Doc is frequently cooking. However - often I get home first so its a real treat to get home and find dinner in progress!


Now I can't decide whether you all understood my Michael Stipe and Where's Waldo comment, or thought it was utterly groanworthy, so I'll explain a bit further.

Now although it sounded, humour me here, that the Stipemeister (or more accurately these days the Stripemeister) and I were sat cosily together, laughingly pouring over a well loved copy of Where's Waldo, unfortunately, the truth was that I was so far from the flippin' stage, with the crip enclosure at such a funny angle, that I spent the whole gig elbowing The Doctor asking - 'where is he? what's he doing?' I know the stage show isn't everything - but you do want to see what they're up to....

Oh and crip enclosure? Well rather fabulously these days at gigs there are viewing areas for disabled people. It means you don't have to run over loads of people, there are chairs for people accompanying you and there is usually a platform. Its just that they are generally enclosed by wire fencing and at some festivals the area intrudes into the main arena making you feel slightly like an animal at the zoo. Hence the crip enclosure....
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