Tuesday, July 05, 2005

And carer comes free...

...I have occassional debates with other people about the fact that a range of activities offer free tickets to 'carers' - which they take as meaning anyone with someone in a wheelchair, and whether or not that's the Right Thing.

Now I can see there are situations where it would be. If you had a medical need for which support was required. Equally if a service isn't accessible meaning you have to bring someone to help you then it should be free to bring them in. But isn't it patronising to assume that disabled people could never go alone? Or that you are not accompanied by a friend or an equal?

Another reason for reduced fees could also be due to low income - after all many disabled people who are unemployed who want to work. I'm not saying never, but perhaps it could be applied in a more appropriate way? I feel that better solution is to make the environment as accessible as possible and enable those who can to work. Or am I approaching this the wrong way~?
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