Tuesday, June 28, 2005

A whole world of pain...

...so I watched the documentary, and now I'm feeling more powerless than ever. It was a Dispatches, so a good balance between fact and drama, and made by a black male journalist - Sorius Samura.

I thought I knew about the AIDS crisis in Africa, I've given money to relevant organisations, I've signed many online petitions and I thought I'd blogged about my anger about Bush's abstinence programmes.

I hadn't. Sorry.

The situation there is unthinkable. The reasons are many and varied and the idea that some people in Africa don't believe in condoms, or AIDS is hard to get my head round. I wanted to write something pithy and moving about the situation but I found this which does the job much better.

In the mean time. At the end of 2004 there were 25.4 million people HIV + in Africa.

25.4 million people.

25.4 million people.

25.4 million people.

Nearly half the population of the UK.
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