Saturday, May 21, 2005

Ten things I've never done....

Deirdre at Plodding along to Glory passed this onto me....

I've never...
  1. Underestimated the power of a Playstation
  2. Understood, watched or cared about Big Brother (or any similar derivative)
  3. Really fitted in
  4. Liked celery
  5. Met anyone I've loved as much as my husband
  6. Looked good in jeans
  7. Liked dance music
  8. Slept alone in a house
  9. Known what I've wanted to do when I grow up
  10. Felt as confident as others think I am
Time to pass on the baton - roll your sleeves up Claypot and Rhea.....

... and this was fun - if you fancy it - give it a whirl.

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