Thursday, May 05, 2005

Rush, rush, rush... I'm late home from work, and I had to go out, so I swung by the polling station to fulfil my constitutional duty on the way home. Whole thing, amazingly, completely accessible so I didn't even get to have a tantrum.

I speed out of the polling station, taking the corner on two wheels, already tasting the frittata we had for tea, already imagining the witty repartee of book group and I think nothing can spoil my mood. Its the weekend. Its not raining. There's an open bottle of red wine with my name on (written in felt tip). I stride confidently along, and go to pass an older woman on a scooter.

I go to pass, she speeds up.

I can't pass, she slows down.

Another passing place approaches, she speeds up again.

She turns off at the co-op - I giggle all the way home. Now that's growing old disgracefully!
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