Sunday, May 29, 2005

Interviewing meme...

The Lovely Zinnia Cyclamen had a brilliant post in which she was interviewed - another blogger sent her five questions, which she answered in her blog. It was a brilliant way to get to know her better, and I was curious about which questions someone would ask me so I signed up. She emailed me five questions....

1. Which non-ethical product do you most wish was ethical so you could buy
and consume or use it without guilt?

I suppose in broad terms - clothing. I love clothes - and the fair trade ones often are very expensive, and not designed for, erm, statuesque women. I do mend my old clothes though, and give my old ones to charity shops, to try to minimise the impact. On a smaller level, I really miss kitkats!

2. You are clearly a skilled and talented woman. However, on the basis
that nobody is good at everything, which skill or talent that you don't have
at present would you most like to add to your repertoire?

Gardening. I am shocking at keeping plants alive. I love being outside, and think its a good hobby to have, but really, when I'm in the presence of plants, you can see them wilting...

3. Of all the random acts of kindness you've received in your life, which
do you remember with most affection?

Wow - so many. My adored husband does things all the time - so I'll leave his for another time. The people from whom we bought our current home held off from taking any other offers for a week while I had my surveyor see how easily it could be adapted, and then allowed hundreds of other people to come round to see how it could be adjusted, all with good grace and patience!

4. You and I share a love of cut flowers. It is now possible to send
someone in the UK a bouquet of fair trade roses from Kenya via the Tesco
website. Is this a right thing to do (fair trade, giving nice flowers to
someone) or a wrong thing to do (flower miles, Tesco hegemony)?

Another really tricky question. I'd probably avoid Tesco as they have stopped paying the first three days of sick leave, for a start. I think I'd probably send something else, although knowing that they do it does give me pause. I usually send flowers from here. I know there are problems with charities, but this seems like a reasonable compromise.

5. If you could design yourself an entirely self-indulgent day, money no
object, with any companions you liked (or none), what would you do?

Oh WOW - what a present. Does it have to be just one? Right.

I'd be in a beautiful country house, somewhere warm and by the sea, with The Doctor and all my dearest friends. Somehow, the kitchen would be full of fabulous food without anyone going to any effort. The day would start with an amazing brunch - definitely including eggs benedict, and then we'd all go for a long walk with a perfect picnic. When we got back to the house we'd all get dressed however we felt best for dinner, and have an amazing meal and play games. Bit like my hen night really - but with boys and babies.

So anyone fancy an interview? Let me know via comments...
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