Monday, May 30, 2005

Food for thought.....

...this weekend, my mother visited. I appear to have been mostly eating -

Friday night - at home, steamed asparagus, home made artichoke and pepper open tart thingy with new potatoes and salad, baked nectarines and chocolate ice cream

Saturday - picnic lunch - smoked salmon wraps, cheese and oatcakes, strawberries and grapes, mid afternoon cake and tea, evening in a pub crayfish cocktail to start, halloumi kebabs with salad and pitta with chips (of which I ate one....)

Sunday - lunch out with all the parents fish pie and green beans, rhubarb and pear crumble and custard....

So I'm full now. On Saturday night, the main course portions were enormous, which I wasn't expecting, and I could only eat about half of it.

Now my mother, who is a strong person - with strong ethical values - suggested she couldn't have left her food as it was a waste. I too hate to waste food, and as you'll know - some of my best recipes have happened because my fridge was looking a bit random. I guess I should have said no to the chips when ordering. If I'd eaten it I would have been ill - also a waste. But isn't it a waste to eat it if it isn't going to benefit you? What would you have done?
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