Sunday, May 15, 2005

Culinary fabulousness... lovely in laws have been here this weekend, they are the loveliest people, the sort who ring up and ask if we'd mind them coming and working in our garden. It would be rude to say no, frankly.

So our garden now looks like its been overhauled by the entire cast of all the international Ground Force teams, and we're very happy. The Doctor is also keen on matters botanical, whereas I would describe myself as enthusiastically grateful.

So in return for all this effort, we take them out for dinner. We wanted to best our trip to the Second Best Noodle Bar in Birdyville (in my opinion, The Doctor differs, and after a heated game of rock paper scissors he got to win) which my lovely father in law still rates as a wonderful night out despite The Doctor persuading him to eat a huge mouthful of wasabi when I wasn't looking. Last night we had tapas, which had less potential for neatly timed acts of torture. I love tapas I do - when you have twelve things on the table, (only half of which I'd eat, as I almost never eat meat, certainly red meat) it saves all that pesky choosing business, or getting your meal only to decide that the choice of the person next to you. Food envy is a terrible thing.

And to any reader with fond memories of 'Pretty Woman' - I had my own wonderful 'Pretty Woman' moment the other day - when the disinterested woman in Coast dismissed me (wrongly) as too lardy - I assuaged my guilt in Whistles.....
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