Friday, April 22, 2005

Meditative qualities... I went to my first meditation class at Birdyville Buddhist Centre and it was really lovely. I was absolutely snookered beforehand as it was my first day back after my chest infection and I wavered about going. Still, it was part of my overall Birdy health improvement scheme and so I went.

Was really glad I did, there were about 18 of us of vaguely similar ages, about half men to women and the teacher was very pleasant and encouraging. I found the meditative exercises quite challenging as I was very worried about falling asleep (a brief text exchange to Slightly Buddhist Best Friend suggested that falling asleep was OK, but snoring like a drunken warthog frowned upon). On the tester day, the idea of focusing on something to meditate made more sense to me than clearing my generally frantic mind. On this session some of the meditations were a little more vague, but I'm determined to be less tired this week.

On a health improvement note though, since the session I have been livelier than for months. I've also been having hot water and fresh lemon juice before the first cuppa of the day. I don't know what's working but its certainly good so far.....
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