Friday, April 08, 2005

Happy blogiversary to....

....So its my blogiversary today - I've been in the blogging business for a whole year today! Yay me! I couldn't have imagined this a year ago. And I couldn't have done it without all you lovely people commenting - really I couldn't.

So as you can see, I've redecorated. I spent most of yesterday evening, in between blowing my nose as I'm full of snot AGAIN, redecorating so that it had a white background, comic sans as font, and a whole load of different rainbow colours on the wording. In blogger preview, it looked fabulous.

Once I'd republished my blog and viewed it in firefox, it looked dreadful.

In IE, it looked worse.

So I changed all the colours back to those from here rather than from here and the font back to arial. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong!! All suggestions gratefully recieved...
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